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1639 A b&w vase of "King Mu of Zhou" stag-hunting scene

Tags: figures

Item#: 1639

Name: A b&w vase of "King Mu                             of Zhou" stag-hunting scene  
Date: Qing/Shun-Zhi
Size: 27.4 CM in height

Recorded in the fantasy biography of “King Mu, Son of Heaven” chapter VI , King Mu ( 976-922 BCE) hunted a white wild stag at a place called “Jue-Tai” and  offered it as a sacrifice to the god of the river. It was from the same place, shortly after, he met the daughter of a local clan chief named “Sheng-Bo” and fell into a romantic love with her. But unfortunately, this young lady became ill and died at age 20 and left King Mu heartbroken and wailing for her a long time